Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon (Grey)

The Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon designed with functionality, Safety and utility in mind by combining the best aspects of a stroller with those of a wagon. Includes cup holder and matching cooler.

Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon

Keenz is the first company who increased the functionality of the wagon and makes it remarkably better than any other brands. This premium-deluxe stroller wagon combines all the advantages from existing strollers and wagons pursuing ergonomic design.

The keenz 7s has one step on/off brake, allowing you to quickly and easily apply those brakes without having to adjust multiple wheels to get the stroller or wagon to stop. The 7s also has a 5-Point safety harness on each side of the stroller wagon, one of the key features that awarded the Keenz 7s stroller wagon placement in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certified Program (JPMA).


  • 5-Point safety harness.
  • Durable aluminium frame.
  • Rounded frame fitting.
  • One step on/off brake.
  • Two handle design.
  • Easy canopy storage.
  • Peaked roof.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Easy storage.
  • Rear wheel parking brake.
  • Self-standing.
  • Built-in shoe storage.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Tread pattern.
  • Spring suspension.
  • Product dimensions: 34 x 19.4 x 34.6 inches.
  • Product weight: 32 pounds.
  • The adjustable handlebar on either side of the wagon.
  • Easy to use braking system.
  • Can set wheels to move straight or swivel.
  • External storage area for parents.
  • Fabric is washable.
  • Canopy is very tall.

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