Hello everyone out there!

We are a group of three friends, Soha, Elishba, and Angel with kids around us of various ages and size. As we live in a populous country, such as Pakistan we understand the daily struggles of parents handling their young kids.

About Us

Even though many are privileged, but they still do not avail a prime and quite necessary service, such as family planning. Kids are not spaced out not evenly spaced out in healthy age brackets and mother’s health is not considered.

Therefore, after seeing such a sad practice around us and parents not considering the side effects of all these decisions taken right now later on health and finances. Thus, we have taken the initiative to help out those confused parents to help them in their time of need. Even though, we are not parents ourselves, but university going students from Lahore, Pakistan. We still understand the importance of parents making right decisions, so their kids and future coming ones can benefit from them.

We hold no prejudice against anyone who wants to reproduce, but we are here to provide our services considering how new parents are not well aware of all the various baby products around them. Especially, in this day and age where inflation is on the rise and businesses are not flourishing like they were previously successful. Therefore, making wise decisions will make the difference right now, not only for your family, but the future generations to come.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find something that you like in terms of looks and being practical at the same time, yet being in the price range you have allocated for that specific product. We know how much it costs after giving birth and maintaining a lifestyle for the baby. You do not need to beat yourself for topnotch, expensive baby products, such as stroller, carriers, changing pads, etc. You can find everything of high quality within a good budget range, and even cheaper than you allocated.

The manufacturers of baby products understand how it is hard to maintain a lavish lifestyle in a budget and no parent wants less for their baby. Therefore, on seeing our parents and newly wed parents around us made us realize how the couple changes their priority the moment their little angel opens their eyes in this world. They make a perfect world out there for the baby, as much as possible. Protection is a must!

This website is a collective collaboration of all of our efforts and intensive research, because we have seen overwhelmed and scared parents around us. The constant thought of them not making a right decision is what scares them the most. The market around is massive. Just a click away you can get what you dreamed of, but was it exactly as you imagined? Sometimes, things are not as expected and happened as they should be.

Research is intensive and time consuming for any new parents, or even expecting parents. Some parents are proactive about it and love to research, but some are lazy, so we are here to accommodate everyone out there. No one should be left out of the loop! I clearly remember the day I got a call from my cousin that she was expecting. It was one of the happiest news I have heard, but once she started surfing the internet for baby gear, she had a breakdown.

She was not the only case all of us heard about, but we had many encounters with one of the expecting parents collapsing for now choosing the right gear for their unborn child. Moreover, seeing the tons of variety out there makes one scared already. Imagine you are on the verge of having a breakdown with hormones rushing through your veins and you have to make a decision of stroller with 3 wheels, or 4 wheels. This is not it, but much more to choose.

If you thought one number of wheels was the option, but what kind of wheel would you prefer such as forever air pumped tires, or pumped wheels, or a stroller with a carrycot option? Is the stroller jogging safe, comes an infant car seat and much more? The sound of it makes us a little dizzy. Thus, compiling and making lives of expecting parents is a duty we have taken upon ourselves. No need to panic alone about whether to opt for a jogging, walking, or trekking stroller, we can assist you at all times.

We have much more to share about the numerous baby products out there, such a crib and mattress. These are one of those must have essentials apart from a baby carrier, an infant car seat and other baby items which you deem perfect for your little bundle of joy! After visiting tons of websites, reading online comments and reviews and going over the online video tutorial regarding baby merchandise, we have gathered the best information that is out there for you.

Not only this, since we are a group of three, we divided the task wisely as joining online forums and groups was a priority to get hands on experiences from parents. Besides, not only information was important about these baby merchandise and manufacturers, but recommendations are the way to go. We have tested stroller, or any baby merchandise we could lay our hands on at home, or visited stores. Even though we are not mothers, but we saw the struggle and love mothers had for those babies to live happily.

Parenthood brings joys and happiness, but it is one of the most stressful tasks done till date, because the task is to raise responsible and good human beings for the world. We want the best for our kids, but in order for that we need to give them the best; therefore, our research was to accommodate all. You do not have to panic and fret in those nine months, but try making memories with your baby the moment you know. It is our mission to make the nine months less of a research hassle, instead a stress less beginning.

Find the right stroller without hours of searching. Therefore, plan with us and find what you are looking for. Now, there is no need to surf various websites to get the jist of everything, but instead find out what you need after what we have gathered after are countless efforts to make your journey easier and stress free about baby merchandise. You can always hit us up with your queries and requests regarding different baby products.

These are the products that we three are fans of but many parents have raved about how great and efficient they are once they purchased them. As we all are from different backgrounds and tend to have different lifestyles, and can not replicate each other’s life; therefore, we need the best for us. Not only do the various kinds of strollers, baby swings and baby carriers we have reviewed on the site are just perfect for your price range, but they have the exact features you have been hunt for.

Moms and dads out there have been really cooperate with us bunch by giving us their advice and personal experiences on different forums. So, embrace yourself for the best and most informative knowledge out there for kids about baby gear. We assure you, you will guarantee find something in your budget with all the topnotch features and versatility. No need to hesitate for any queries and requests regarding baby gear.

Now, you can simply write to us and get what you have been confused about since a while. Hit us up with comments. Hope the website is your stress reliever in baby gear.